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“Swati has a way with words that makes you feel like she’s invited you over to her home, sat you down at the living room with a bottle of wine and cheese spread ready to talk about the things that really matter. The things that matter aren’t easy to talk about or articulate, but Swati is able to make it all feel personal and important.”

Minnow P. / Coach, Photographer, & Writer

“You often hear about a writer’s “eye for detail” or their “ear for the language.” Swati definitely brings those things, but what impresses me most is her heart. She has an enthusiasm for life that comes through in her writing. It’s magnetic.”

Robert J. / Founder of Cause Consumer

“Swati’s sharpness, empathy and writerly insight are clear in each of the pieces of hers that I’ve read. She has a knack for discovering and developing stories and characters in her community, and positioning them in such a way that they fully shine in the spotlight. Her curiosity about the world around us — especially when it comes to food, drink and the production of both — inspires me.”

Ashlie S. / Food Editor & Writer

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Swati about my journey as a founder. The interview was very pleasant since I left learning something new and not just answering questions. The resulting profile was an amazing read and captured the story of starting my company Shore Buddies in a engaging way.

Malte N. / CEO of Shore Buddies

“As a BIG thinker, Swati works magic with words in a way that paints vivid pictures full of emotion and realness. You often feel as if she’s talking straight to you – bold, raw and outside of the box.”

Tina M. / Founder & Lead Visionary of The Vibe Movement

“Swati combines poignant storytelling with an insatiable curiosity about the world to create beautifully crafted sentences and prose that leave me awestruck and delighted, sometimes even moved to tears. I deeply admire and champion her honesty, humility, and keen insight.”

Molly M. / Freelance Travel Writer